Why is it Gold?


Loose Leaf Black Tea

Dibrugarh Gold is steeped in tradition, from when the tea bushes were planted 120 years ago, to the way its harvested, to the way I recommend drinking it. This tea is so good, so tasty I couldn’t think of anything but gold standard, the word itself oozes quality and conjures up the thought of winning. Great tea is just that…Great.

If you are an avid tea drinker you know what it is like when you taste a brilliant mug of tea, it says things that I find almost impossible to put into words. You want strong depth of flavour without any bitterness.

Dibrugarh Gold is the perfect marriage of tradition and quality.


Learn how to make the perfect cup

Tea should be savoured, enjoyed and not rushed. My tips on creating the prefect mug are this:

1. Use loose tea and place 1 or 2 teaspoons of it in a simple sieve;

2. Place strainer in your mug and pour boiling water over the strainer until desired level;

3. Dunk sieve a few times until water turns to your preferred colour and strength;

4. Add milk and/or sugar;

5. Stop, sit down, savour and enjoy!